Monday, February 4, 2008

Tsumeshogi diagrams with Kanji

I have just found a PDF (from xsl-fo) renderer which properly handles rotated text in tables.

I produced Tsumeshogi collection with 300 problems using "international" symbols. After that I decided to do the same thing using Kanji characters.

The PDF generator I used, Apache FOP, acted strange when it came to rotated characters (the idea was to use Kanji representation for Shogi diagrams, black pieces heading up, white pieces upside down). So I gave up.

Few days ago I found out, that there is a commercial implementation of PDF renderer (fortunately, they also provied "personal licence") -- RenderX's XEP (

Thank's to this piece of software I will soon be able to produce my Tsumeshogi collection using Kanji characters.

Just give me a day or two...


  1. Maybe you can work on a renderer in PHP so that people can embed shogi games in the wiki for commenting and review? ;) I've seen this for chess on wikis, but nobody's made a shogi one... I guess we have to choose a format first, right? (maybe getting Kurnik game notation to display would be a good start)

    Just an idea for another project. :)

  2. :) You're right. Deciding on the format would be a good start.

    Also, I am more Java-guy but if there is a need I could switch to PHP for "the higher good" ;-)

    Thanks for the suggestion.