Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tsumeshogi diagrams with Kanji, part III

I finally managed to finish PDF collection of 300 Tsumeshogi problems with pieces represented by Kanji characters (http://shogitools.googlecode.com/files/tsume_collection_0_3.pdf).

Now I am starting to validate the data. It turns out that there are few mistakes in the input data.

Missing tsume
I produced the collection from problems posted weekly on Shogi-l by Reijer Grimbergen.
There was 50 "episodes", 6 problems each which gives 300 problems. I dug the posts from our archives.
I found out that the 35th part of the series was missing from the archives -- or at least I couldn't find it.

Does anyone, by any chance has a copy of the post or the 6 problems?

Errors in definition
The second problem are errors in the definition. Some problems posted on shogi-l have clearly mistaken data:

Problem 103:
Black: S3d, S2c, P1f In hand: B, G
White: K2d, B5a, L1c, L1b, P3d, P2d

Problem 138:
Black: +B3d, B1d, N1a, L4c In hand: N
White: K2b, N1a, P1c

Problem 198:
Black: R3a, B4e, S4b In hand: R
White: K2b, G1c, S4b, N2a, L1b, P2e

Problem 297:
Black: R3f, S1d In hand: G, 2S
White: K3d, +B4b, G2e, L1a, P3b, P1d

Does somebody have any ideas how the problems should look like?

Mistakes in the problems
There could be some mistakes in the problems themselves. I found the two while browsing the archives (http://www.shogi.net/shogi-l/Archive/1993/Njan27-01.txt, http://www.shogi.net/shogi-l/Archive/1993/Njan27-02.txt). I made required corrections to problems:
12. 7l1/6k2/7p1/6p2/6N2/7+pP/9/9/9 B SGR
44. 9/6p2/5B1g1/5p2R/6k2/9/6S2/9/9 B B

If you find any errors while solving the problems, please drop a note on Shogi-l, or as a comment to this post.

Thanks in advance!

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